ATopTech Website Refresh Details

  • Website and brand visual overhaul

ATopTech is an EDA physical design implementation company that requested a new website and brand overhaul. Their logo had a newer look and feel, but the rest of the company's visual communication required a refresh to effectively present their innovative products and strengths in the EDA market. Additionally, a legacy CMS proved difficult to use and limited their content options.

Solution - In contrast to industry norms of tech-heavy visuals, a more approachable lifestyle identity was presented. Images of end-users combined with industry specific thematic visuals and value statements to better connect with their customer base (the actual chip-designer). Each page layout was designed to support all kinds of visual and textual content, with the site fully backed by a new, user-friendly CMS.

Results - The new website identity was well-received and has become the basis for ATopTech's other branding efforts. The most immediate implementation will be at DAC 2015 where it will be seen on booth signage, white papers and other trade show material. Additionally, ATopTech's market manager is thrilled with the ability to quickly update and add content via the new CMS.


Corporate Branding
Website Design
UI/UX Design
Content Management System
Responsive Web Design

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