Magento Dual Brand Site Details

  • A Magento E-Commerce Site

Eva's Esthetics wished to combine two of their brands into one site. Their Tu'el Professional line and their Berodin Wax line dovetailed well to the same potential customers. So, when they came to us to see if we could do it and allow users to seamlessly share the same login, account information and cart, we jumped at the chance to increase our Magento knowledge into the dual site realm.

Solution - NSS created a dual e-commerce site using the Magento Multi Site feature. We set it up so that customers could sign up once and be able to bounce back and forth between two 'sub' brands and share the same carting and payment system.

Results - The new site's look, feel and ease of use has been a huge hit. The first initial sale after the site going live showed huge growth and the feedback from Eva's customers and distributors has been overwhelmingly glowing and positive.


Magento, Dual Site, HTML, CSS, E-Commerce

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