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  • Responsive website for managed services and staffing solutions company

Grey Hill Consulting provides managed services and staffing solutions for IT departments and infrastructures. As a newer company with many different service offerings, their main concern was their new website would have the extensibility to present large amounts of content. Their particular situation required an expedited development timeline and launch.

Solution – Based on the tight timeline, NSS chose to develop the new site on top of an “out of the box” responsive framework. This allowed a more streamlined quality assurance and testing cycle. Every aspect of the CSS framework was customized to present a more unified, polished and personalized look. Since this site was text-heavy, special attention was paid to developing proper hierarchy for typography. The installed CMS was designed around this need, allowing Grey Hill to maintain visual continuity as new pages were added and modified.

Results – The website has been very helpful as the Grey Hill team develops new business opportunities. With a frequently changing technology and service landscape, the ability to quickly update content has been essential. The simple to use CMS – combined with a readable browser experience – enables Grey Hill to quickly share new pages detailing their expanding expertise.


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Responsive Web Design
UI/UX Design
Service Messaging

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