Ausdia Website Details

  • Website redesign and content creation

Ausdia is an SoC/EDA design technology company. Their original website was dated and built on a non-responsive framework – it did not reflect their brand position as knowledge experts in their field. In addition to an updated look and feel, the Ausdia team asked for a solution which would organize and present industry content – both their own and public domain resources – in an easily consumable format.

Solution - Fully responsive (RWD), the new website features a modern feel with emphasis on texture and color to help maintain focus on the content. A user-friendly CMS allows updates to the entire site, and gives precise control over a ‘library’ of articles and video, which is easily sortable by the end-user. Access to these resources is granted by the user’s email address, which is added to Ausdia’s database for follow up.

Results – The updated website helped the Ausdia team meet two important goals; presenting a more polished and professional visual identity to their customers, and allowing content to be presented to their customers more quickly.


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Responsive Web Design
UI/UX Design
Service Messaging
Corporate Branding

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