Ekolinq Website Details

  • Design and develop a single ‘funnel’ page for Ekolinq

Ekolinq’s primary business goal is to divert textiles from landfills, where they ultimately decompose and produce greenhouse gases. As a new venture, Ekolinq needed to test the viability of the collection aspect of their business model. This sustainability-minded company had two main requirements for their new website; to clearly communicate what they do – a relatively new service – and to drive the viewer to take action.

Solution – NSS designed and developed a single ‘funnel’ page for Ekolinq, with all content and navigation driving the user to make contact either via webform or phone call. Thematic images were selected and customized to communicate the feel of a sustainability venture, and our writers developed clear and concise copy to communicate their messaging.

Results – Ekolinq's landing page is a helpful tool for representatives to quickly communicate what the company does. Using both visuals and concise messaging, the Ekolinq team has been able to effectively share their message and engage new partners and donation sources.


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Responsive Web Design
UI/UX Design
Product Messaging
Corporate Branding
Icon Design

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